Every moment of every day,
a complex balancing act is taking place in your body.

Complex metabolic processes break down the foods you eat into component chemicals and elements. Your circulatory system shuttles these raw materials around the body to where they're needed. Your brain consumes about 20% of your body's energy, and is greedy for the nutrients required to synthesize neurochemicals. Learn more about your brain.

When the brain doesn't get the nutrients it needs, cognitive capabilities are diminished. Remember – the brain is the center of all your senses, all your thoughts and memories. Any or all of the brain's functions can be disrupted by inadequate nutrition.

Huperzine A

Huperzine A is an alkaloid found in Chinese club moss that has attracted the attention of medical professionals throughout the world. This naturally occurring supplement is believed to have properties that can be used as an effective memory enhancer. Huperzine A blocks certain enzymes and helps improve the functionality of the body's neurotransmitters.

Due to these unique memory enhancer properties, many of today's nutritional supplements contain significant levels of Huperzine A. Constant Focus, one of the leading memory supplements, has a unique formula of brain nutrients that includes Huperzine A.

Benefits of Huperzine A

Huperzine A has shown great promise as a treatment for an array of memory disorders. Its ability to enhance the overall brain function has garnered attention from top scientists. Huperzine A can help reduce forgetfulness and improve overall mental clarity.

These benefits offer hope to patients with a wide variety of organic mental disorders. With further studies, Huperzine A could be the supplement doctors turn to for brain support issues.

Huperzine A Studies

Throughout the years, an array of studies has been conducted of Huperzine A. Many of these studies have concluded that Huperzine A could be an effective treatment for many mental disorders involving attention, focus, short-term and long-term memory.

The studies show that Huperzine A helps improve the overall brain function. Many test subjects experienced improved memory, cognition, and behavioral functions.

This gives hope that one day Huperzine A could be used to treat a broad range of mental illnesses.

Final Word on Huperzine A

After careful consideration, we believe Huperzine A is one of the most effective memory enhancers available. Its natural properties make it an effective ingredient in the leading memory supplements on the market.