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Comprehensive Brain Support Formula

Constant Focus: your complete solution for total brain health. Constant Focus is an all-natural blend of botanical compounds, vitamins and minerals thoroughly researched for their ability to improve memory and support brain function.

Why choke down energy drinks that leave you feeling jittery and crashing after an hour or two? Constant Focus is a safer alternative — leaving you alert, relaxed, and laser-focused. The active compounds in the formula help to:

increase blood flow

to the brain

provide more oxygen

to the brain

provide raw materials

for neurotransmitter synthesis

protect the brain

from free radicals

the problem

Most people start to notice loss of "Brain Power" or "cognitive performance" as young as 25.

If you are suffering from cognitive decline you may notice symptoms such as:

Forgetting things like your keys or wallet
Re-reading the same paragraph over and over
Forgetting names
Lack of focus
Lack of motivation
Low energy and fatigue
Less able to perform mentally
Slower Reaction Time
unlock your full

Every moment of every day, a complex balancing act is taking place in your body. Complex metabolic processes break down the foods you eat into component chemicals and elements. Your circulatory system shuttles these raw materials around the body to where they're needed. Your brain consumes about 20% of your body's energy, and is greedy for the nutrients required to synthesize vital neurochemicals.

When the brain doesn't get the nutrients it needs, cognitive capacities decline. Thinking, remembering, and focusing become more difficult. You may feel hazy, a condition called "brain fog." Remember: your brain is the center of all your senses, thoughts and memories. Any or all of the brain's functions can be disrupted by inadequate nutrition.

That's where Constant Focus comes in. The rapidly-absorbing formula provides critical nutrients your brain requires to create neurotransmitters like serotonin and oxytocin. Ginkgo biloba and vinpocetine improve your brain's metabolism by drastically enhancing blood flow and oxygen delivery to the brain.

Constant Focus gives you just about everything your brain needs — in just one tablet!

increase attention span
Brain feeling fuzzy? After a dose of Constant Focus, you’ll be able to tune out distractions and concentrate until the task is done.
learn new information faster
Students love Constant Focus for its power to help absorb and assimilate new information. Learn more, faster, with better recall!
improve focus
First responders like firefighters, EMTs and SWAT teams use Constant Focus to help them focus, with laser-beam intensity, on the task at hand. You won’t become a Zen monk overnight but you’ll find yourself able to tackle impossible tasks and get them done!
boost memory and recall
What good is information if you can’t access it? Constant Focus fuels your brain to enable you to remember even old, obscure memories with ease. Short-term memory is boosted as well – so you can find your glasses and your keys every morning!
work more efficiently
When you work with your brain, you know how much a single hazy day can cost you. Constant Focus gives you the drive, energy and focus you need for the whole day. Work smarter, not harder!
Constant Focus
Act Now - You Have Nothing To Lose but Brain Fog!
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How Does
constant focus work?

The human brain is the most complex system in the known universe. Your brain processes, filters and stores terabytes of information through countless neurons and synapses – all day, every day. But let's be more specific. Your brain has over 100 billion neurons, all of which fire messages about 200 times a second.

Pretty impressive, right? Well, it would be, if your brain could help you remember where you put your keys. The fact of the matter is, while our brains are capable of processing ridiculous amounts of information, that doesn't help us any if we can't retrieve that information when we need it.

Improving your ability to concentrate on a task at hand — as well as recall important information when needed — is key to all aspects of life. Being able to focus can improve your productivity at work, your grades at school, and your ability to manage your time between work, family, and everything else that occupies your day.

So the question is, how do those of us who lacking unwavering attention to detail (or even a photographic memory) cope with such shortcomings? That's where natural cognitive supplements like Constant Focus come in to play. A twice daily dose of Constant Focus can significantly improve your memory and concentration within days!

Over the last few years, scientists and researchers have made huge discoveries in the connection between the brain and human cognition. How the brain functions is understood now much more clearly than ever before. Proper brain function requires the proper balance of nutrients, which in turn will enhance your ability to focus as well as your ability to retrieve important data.

Constant Focus supplies your brain with a daily dose of vital nutrients, maximizing your attention span and mental endurance.

real people real results

"I was really starting to think I had ADD, or maybe I was just stupid. One of my classmates recommended Constant Focus and I thought I would give it a try. What a difference! I don't daydream in class any more. It's so much easier to pay attention. My test scores have improved and it looks like I'll be able to keep my scholarship. Constant Focus is amazing stuff."

— Denise R., student, Columbus OH

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for Constant Focus! I find that I am able to clear my inbox much faster. I am able to work far more efficiently than before and I get more done each day."

— Kenneth E., doctor, Manhattan NY

"It's really frustrating, when you can't remember simple things. I kept forgetting where I put my glasses. Or I'd walk into a room and forget what I was going to do there. My wife bought Constant Focus and I thought I'd give it a try. A couple weeks later I bought another bottle. And then another. I don't have those memory lapses nearly as often anymore — it's such a relief!"

— Andrew F., retired, Flagstaff AZ

Constant Focus
Act Now - You Have Nothing To Lose but Brain Fog!
Rush My Order!
powerful natural ingredients

ginko biloba

Ginkgo biloba increases blood flow to the brain and throughout the body. This delivers increased levels of oxygen and nutrients to the brain.

vinpocetine (biovinca)

Derived from periwinkle flower leaves, vinpocetine boosts memory function.

Huperzia serrata (Huperzine A)

Huperzine A functions as an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, preventing the breakdown of the vital neurotransmitter acetylcholine.

gotu kola

This oriental herb has demonstrated mild tranquilizing, anti-anxiety and anti-stress effects, as well as improving mental functions such as concentration and memory.


Choline is an essential nutrient that is necessary for the structure and function of all cells and is crucial for sustaining life.

carnosic acid
(rosemary leaf extract)

Carnosic acid is more powerful than most antioxidants as it doesn't simply quench free radicals and then stop — instead, in the process of obliterating free radicals carnosic acid goes through several chemical reactions, during each of which its antioxidative properties are continuously in effect.

Phosphatidyl serine (LECI-PSR)

Phosphatidyl serine has been extensively tested in laboratory experiments and seems to diminish age-related memory loss, restore important synaptic activity, prevent loss of dendritic density, increase acetylcholine levels.

Constant Focus: #1 Product for Brain Support